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Training/ Placement

Shalom College has been authoraized by the United States Government to recruit employees who meet the company requirements under U.S. laws and granting an E2 visa from an employer that allows both the employee and his family (if he is married with children up to age 21) an E2 visa. This visa provides unique conditions from social security permit, attending universities for a fee of a local resident, as well as, reduced health insurance, and entry and exit from the United States throughout the two years period, thus allowed the family to visit their home country in any possibility. (Recall that this visa is for two years and can be renewed under the U.S. laws).

  • Training

    Congratulations! You started the course. Our team gives personal attention and full support from advisor level, to the CEO. Shalom College tean will guide and support you until you receive your certificate. Our fields of expertise include education, sports and security

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