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Shalom College

Shalom College was founded in 1998. With the main purpose of helping weaker societies especially in the periphery, gain fair access to resources, and promote courses and jobs opportunitties in fields such as education, security and sports. Thereby, improving the socio-economic status of the population. Shalom College has trained and certified more than 10,000 students in various fields to date. Our goal is to promote and encourage better life and various of opportunities in Israel and abroad and thus, produce a healthier, stronger society with less burden on the administration and with personal pride for the graduates.


Note that Shalom College is not an academic institute

Shalom College

shalom college

Professional Specializations

Shalom College Specializes in several areas. You are welcome to take part in our courses and work with us.

The cost of instructor courses in all fields is $3,000

The cost of coaching courses in all fields is $5,000

  • Note that Shalom College is not an academic institute
  • קוסמטיקה

    Sports and Health

    General training in various sports fields such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba, gym instructors, nutritionist, kickboxing, martial arts / MMA and more...

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  • טכנאות

    Fashion and Beauty

    Consultants / instructors in the Fashion and Beauty care field. Such as, permanent makeup, bridal care, cosmetics and more

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  • ביטחון


    self-defense training, self defense instructors courses, Krav Maga Israel courses (Show more), security guards trainning, personal body guards and more courses that increase security in educational institutions, organizations and more

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  • ספורט ובריאות

    Study Abroad

    We offer the fastest and the most professional guidance at a minimum cost for admission to universities and colleges throughout America with the option of getting scholarships. 

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